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Caring for Your Child's Mouthguard

Posted on 3/22/2015 by William Moore
Wear a mouthguard when you are playing any sport Mouthguards are the best way to prevent damage from occurring to your child's teeth during any type of sporting event. Dr. Moore follows the ADA recommendation of the use of a mouthguard during any sport that could put your child's mouth in jeopardy. In addition to wearing the mouthguard, keeping the mouthguard clean and free from bacteria is important.

Keeping Your Mouthguard Clean

There are many ways to keep your child's mouthguard free from germs. The first step is to make sure that you only wear it in a clean mouth. This means taking every step possible to brush and floss his teeth before wearing it; this will eliminate unnecessary germs from festering in the guard while it is worn, as well as afterwards. Once your child is done with the mouthguard, make sure not to store it with the other dirty equipment; keep it separate in a container that keeps it away from germs. The storage container should be well-ventilated and kept in a safe place when the mouthguard is not in use.

When your child is done with the mouthguard and it is at home, make sure to wash it thoroughly with warm water and gentle soap. You should then thoroughly dry it before placing it in the storage container. This eliminates the risk of bacteria growing while it sits in the container. You should always inspect the mouthguard, making sure that it is free from any damage or loose parts that could choke your child while playing sports. If there is damage from biting down or simple wear and tear, it is time to get new protection to keep his teeth intact.

Does your child need a mouthguard? Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today!
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