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Back to School Tips for Dental Health

Posted on 8/15/2015 by William Moore
A back chalkboard with a white lettering on it saying, 'back to school'.Back to school time is exciting for everyone. Kids are excited to see their friends, meet their new teachers, and learn new things, while parents are excited for the opportunities that await their children. In order to make this school year a success, it is important to set your child up for proper dental health.

Now is the perfect time to set up his dental check-up if he has not had one in the last six months in order to ensure that his dental health is in good condition. This will help to minimize the number of school days he has to miss this year due to dental health issues as well as help you to know that your child is in good health. In addition, there are several other ways that you can help your child's dental health this school year in order to make it a good one.

Establish Good Oral Hygiene Habits

As new routines settle in, it is the perfect time to set up proper oral hygiene habits. Set certain times for brushing and flossing, such as right after breakfast and right before bed or whatever works best for your schedule. The key is to stick to that schedule so that it becomes a habit. This eliminates the risk of kids forgetting this important task and putting themselves at risk for tooth decay. When it becomes a habit, there is also less fuss; kids just do what they know they need to do.

Provide Healthy Snacks
The school year typically means many snacks. While it is best to stick to eating three square meals a day with a snack here or there, we know that kids get hungry, especially the minute they get off that school bus! Before you let your child raid the candy bowl or grab a carbohydrate filled snack, have some healthy snacks planned for him.

Create a snack bin for him in the refrigerator with healthy yogurt, low-fat cheese, and plenty of bite size fruits and vegetables for him to choose from. When your child is faced with choices he is less likely to fuss about the healthy options; it is about making their own choice. Try to limit the number of chips, pretzels, crackers, and cookies that he consumes at snack time as these foods turn into sugar in your child's mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

Schedule his Next Dental Appointment

Even if you come in for an appointment right before school begins, your child is due again in six months. A lot can change in that time, so no matter how busy your schedule gets with school, sports, and other activities, keeping your child's bi-annual appointments are crucial. This gives us the opportunity to detect decay in its earliest stages, provide fluoride when it is needed, apply sealants to prevent tooth decay, and recommend any other treatments or appointments with specialists that may be necessary as the structure of your child's mouth changes.

Don't let summer pass you by without setting your child up for proper oral health. The fall is typically a time of busy schedules and lots of change; make sure that your child's dental health habits do not fall by the wayside during this time. School is important and missing time can be detrimental to his grades. By keeping track of your child's oral health habits and visiting our office as scheduled, you can minimize how much school he misses due to dental health issues, ensuring that he has a successful school year due to your dedication to your child's oral health.

Is it time for your child's dental check-up? Please call us today for an appointment!
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