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Age 1 to 2 Visits
St. Helens, OR

Baby girl in pink hat with hand on face before visiting St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry in St Helens, OR 97051Following up after the initial dental exam as your child grows is important. There are many more milestones that need to be achieved and examined. Early prevention will result in better intervention and reduce the cost of procedures. A regular follow-up routine with our team will accustom your child to future dentist appointments. St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry promotes adopting better oral habits and recommends that you to make frequent visit to our office to ensure your child dental needs are being met.

Habits to Instill in your 1 to 2 Year Old

Toddlers are known to have a bad temperament and are hard to deal with, especially, forcing them to adopt better oral habits is hard. But it is crucial to start early to prevent complications in the future.

Your job as a parent is to educate them on the importance of brushing teeth regularly. Taking care of brushing teeth between meals will help prevent early teeth decay. It is also important to note that your child's tongue also needs to be cleaned regularly. You are also advised to change their toothbrush every six months.

Children aged one to two are often picky eaters, but they must get their calcium and fluoride. If your child's diet is lacking fluoride, another way of meeting this deficit is consuming fluoride-rich water or brushing teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride.

If you notice your child's gums are bleeding, it indicates poor brushing habits and bad diet. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the most common cause of bleeding gums is the buildup of plaque. This happens due to the consumption of sugary foods and poor brushing routine and can result in inflammation leading to bleeding. It is also worth noting if your child still sucks their thumb. It is a habit that they need to get rid of because it affects their oral health and teeth development by adding pressure to their gums.

What to Expect When Visiting a Dentist at Age One to Two

Although the first visit is to be made before one year of age and within six months of the first teeth erupting, there are many times parents ignore this. If this is the case for you, you don't have to worry. It is better late than never.

Following up is just as important to ensure no problems are erupting. You can expect our dentist to perform a follow-up examination on your child to evaluate their overall health and oral hygiene. Certain things will be marked, such as abnormalities in their bite (alignment of upper and lower teeth), decaying teeth, and damages to any teeth.

Besides the examination, our dentist will also educate you and your child on the impact of bad habits they may have carried from their infancy, or are adopting, such as biting nails and thumb sucking. Moreover, your child will also be taught the importance of brushing and flossing regularly.

Being a parent is hard. We understand your concerns and can help you make better-informed decisions regarding your child's oral needs. To reach out to us call us at (503) 396-4750 or visit St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry. Visit our Pediatric Dentistry page to learn more about how we cater to your child's needs.

Source: Treatment of Plaque-induced Gingivitis, Chronic Periodontitis, and Other Clinical Conditions
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Age 1 to 2 Visits St. Helens OR | St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry
Following up after the initial dental visit as your child grows is important. There are many more milestones that need to be achieved and examined.
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