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Your dental health is important, and our patients' safety is our top priority. Please read our Office Update Letter On COVID-19

Dental Emergencies for Kids

Dental Emergencies for KidsDental emergencies happen. At St. Helen's Pediatric Dentistry, we will do what we can for emergency treatment as quickly as possible. By creating a doctor relationship with Dr. Moore when your babies are young, you can help us help your child. We would have x-rays ready, charts created, and your child will already have a sense of comfort for being in a familiar place with a familiar staff.

What do I do if my child's tooth has:

1. Knocked-Out

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, follow these steps:
•  place the tooth in a glass of milk
•  if no milk is available, keep the tooth in their mouth, assuming you feel confidant that they won't swallow it
•  if the tooth is dirty, it is ok to rinse with water, but do not scrub or remove any tissue that is attached
•  contact our office immediately for further instruction

If a baby tooth, also known as a primary tooth, is knocked out, meaning it came out due to impact versus being loose and falling out naturally, contact our office for further information. Dr. Moore may want to examine that the impact to the primary tooth did not also effect the permanent tooth. There may also be need for a spacer until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt.

2. Fractured or Broken

If a tooth is fractured or broken, follow these steps:
•  rinse the child's mouth with warm water
•  place an ice pack on their face for swelling
•  contact Dr. Moore
•  bring an broken bits you may find with you, wrapped in a wet paper towel

3. Bitten their tongue or lip

If your child has bitten their tongue or lip, follow these steps:
•  clean the area
•  place an ice pack on their tongue or lip
•  contact our office if the bleeding seems excessive

4. An object caught between the teeth

Occasionally patients call due to a food particle being stuck between the teeth or in the gum line. Popcorn, steak, and more can be tricky. First try to remove the object with floss. Be gentle, not aggressive, and please do not try anything sharp that may cause damage. If the object does not dislodge, contact Dr. Moore for more information.

5. A toothache

For toothaches, follow these steps:
•  rinse your child's mouth with warm water
•  brush and floss the mouth for any irritating debris
•  give your child what you would normally give them for pain relief
•  if the pain persists, contact our office
•  do not put an aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissue

We are here to support your child with their dental emergencies. No one likes being in pain, that's why William Moore, DMD, will do what he can to make your child comfortable and pain free. Contact our St. Helen's, OR office for more information. (503) 396-4750
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Dr. William Moore St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry
500 North Columbia River Hwy, Suite 505
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(503) 396-4750

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