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First Visit
St. Helens, OR

A smiling child giving a thumbs upYour child’s first dental visit is usually recommended by the time they turn one or six months following their first tooth’s appearance. At St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry we provide you with all the services to cater to your child’s dental needs.

The first visit is more like an icebreaker between your child and our dentist. It allows your child to gain familiarity and become comfortable before their treatment starts. However, it is quite precise and involves a concise examination. Some of our dentists may require the parents to stay in the reception area and wait while the examination is going on to build a bond with the child. However, others may also require the parents to provide support by holding the child during the check-up.

The entire examination usually consists of our dentist checking your child’s gums, oral tissues, and tooth decay. In the case of detection, they will most likely make the parents aware of their child’s oral healthcare basics and clean the required area in the mouth. There are several areas concerning your child’s dental health that our dentist will discuss with you.

Some of these include teething concerns, prevention of cavity, nutritional requirements, schedule of check-ups, oral habits like thumb sucking, and a guide on maintaining their oral hygiene. If you are a parent or a guardian accompanying your child for their first visit, you must come prepared with relevant information to fill out the child’s medical forms.

Different Types of Dentists

Our general dentist can also be considered a family dentist who treats a range of problems in all age groups. He or she does not have specialization in a particular field like orthodontics, for example. Their primary oral health services include the removal of cavities, decay, and fillings. For more serious matters, a patient is usually referred to a specialist.

Another type of dentist, pediatric dentists, are similar to our general dentists in many aspects. They go through additional years of education to specialize in pediatrics. In these extra years of schooling, they get trained to deal with specific issues about a child’s needs. They make a special effort for your child’s teeth and general oral health.

Your Childs First Dental X-Ray

An x-ray is a way for our professionals to determine whether your child’s teeth are growing right. They can help detect bite problems and figure out whether the teeth are developing well in the jaw. They are usually taken when your child starts developing adult teeth.

While it is recommended that a child gets their first dental x-ray by the time they turn six, some can also get them earlier. This is because some children might be at a higher risk of developing dental problems like tooth decay. Some may even be going through issues like cleft lip, for example.

Regardless of your child’s oral health needs, our team of professionals at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry is only a call away for any kind of assistance. So call us at (503) 396-4750 and get your child’s first dental visit booked now.
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Your child’s first dental visit is usually recommended by the time they turn one or six months following their first tooth’s appearance. At St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry we provide you with all the services,
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