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Lap Visits for Young Children
St Helens, OR

A young child using a toothbrush at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry in St Helens, ORWhen your infant gets their first tooth, you should bring them in for their very first dental appointment. If they turn one year old and do not have any teeth yet, you should go ahead and schedule an appointment for them at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry. Either way, their first visit normally consists of a visual exam. We want to make certain that your little one’s gums and teeth are developing on schedule. However, we also know first-hand how little ones can squirm or be upset when placed in a stranger’s arms. That is why we offer lap visits for toddlers. These visits involve you, and they help your child get the oral care they need without stress or anxiety.

What Is a Lap Visit?

A lap visit is an option for any parent with a young child. Instead of your infant or toddler sitting in one of our exam chairs, they sit on your lap and we examine them while you hold them. Typically, you hold your child facing you and lay them down with their back on your knees. We sit in front of you and gently hold their head back against a knee or on our lap. This allows us to look down into your child’s mouth while your little one is able to see you. Typically, these are fairly short visits and do not involve using any tools unless we find something that needs further investigation.

Why Should Your Child Have a Lap Visit?

Lap visits are good for several reasons. First, our chairs and other equipment are not designed for toddlers or infants. Lap visits allow us to get a good look at their teeth without the need for special chairs or other equipment. Second, we know little ones can be anxious, especially in a new place and with new people. By being able to see you and hold your hands, they can keep focused on your familiar presence. You can easily comfort your child and help hold them still if necessary.

Who Should Have Lap Visits?

You can request a lap visit for any infant or young toddler. Generally, toddlers have lap visits for their first several exams. The first two or three visits may be lap visits. Most of the time, children aged two and over are ready to move on to more regular visits, but that is not always the case. We will work with you to make certain your child is comfortable so they can receive the best oral healthcare possible. As with all of our patients, we like to see children every six months, though these early visits will mostly be visual exams to check on the progress of their baby teeth. We typically do not begin cleanings and other standard checkup procedures until age three or older.

How Do I Schedule a Lap Visit?

Lap visits are booked the same way all of the appointments at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry are done. Simply call us at (503) 396-4750 and let us know that you would like to schedule a lap visit for your little one.

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Lap Visits for Young Children - Pediatric Dentist St Helens, OR - St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry
When your infant gets their first tooth, you should bring them in for their first lap visit. Call our experts at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!
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