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A smiling child pointing at her teethThe main purpose of orthodontic treatment is to develop a healthy and functional 'bite,' that is part jaw position and part tooth alignment. When your teeth and jaws are lined up appropriately, they can function better naturally. As a result, this promotes both general and physical health, while maintaining that attractive smile as a bonus. If you are thinking about whether your child might need orthodontic treatment at some time, we at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry have got you covered.

How Will Orthodontic Treatment Help Your Child?

The orthodontic treatment will help your child chew and bite while contributing to clear speech. A striking smile is a pleasant side effect of orthodontic treatment while also having an emotional impact. Self-esteem and confidence may improve, and perfectly aligned teeth are less prone to injury, decay, and gum disease.

The Procedure

When you first visit our office, our technician might take an x-ray or computer pictures of your mouth and teeth. The pictures show where your teeth are located and whether any teeth haven’t erupted as yet.

Our orthodontist might also make an impression of your child’s teeth by pressing a gooey material into the top and bottom areas. After removing the mold, there will be an impression of the exact teeth shape and size. The impression then allows our expert to decide on how to work on the procedure.

The Purpose Behind Adding Braces

The main aim behind braces is to apply steady pressure on your teeth, eventually moving them into a straighter position. Once they are put on, your child will have to visit our office every few weeks. It is important to remember that regular dental check-ups will be needed to have the teeth cleaned and checked for possible cavities. Some kids may also need to wear other devices such as headgear, during nighttime. It’s worn around the head using a wire shaped like a horseshoe attached to the back teeth. The design applies the pressure that pushes back the teeth, allowing more room for teeth located at the front of your mouth.

Children can expect to feel a little uncomfortable sometimes when they wear braces or any other orthodontic devices. As parents, you can give your child a pain reliever if the throbbing becomes unbearable. Our orthodontists usually provide wax you can use to easily cover up any sharp spots on the braces that are being bothersome or rubbing against the inside of the gums and mouth.

How Long Will We Have to Visit the Orthodontist?

Braces can be easily worn for different lengths of time, but most people wear them for at least 1 - 3 years. Once the braces are removed, kids need to wear retainers for a little while to keep their teeth in place. During this time, you will still be required to visit our office St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry or call (503) 396-4750 to book regular appointments with our dental experts. Every child wears a retainer for variable periods, but when that time comes, they will be smiling the happiest smile for the world to see!
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If you are thinking about whether your child might need orthodontic treatment at some time, we at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry have got you covered.
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