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Sedation for Kids
St. Helens, OR

Little girl sleeping in bedThere are many tests and procedures that ask children to hold still from a couple of minutes to many hours. Sedation is a process whereby sedative or tranquilizing drugs are used to help children relax entirely. It can minimize your child’s fear and anxiety during a dental test or process. Along with pain medication, sedation also helps children remain in comfortable positions during difficult procedures. You can visit our office, St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry and get to know more about child comfort in the dental business.

The Different Levels of Sedation

There are quite a few different levels of sedation. Minimal sedation is where the child is relaxed, awake, and can respond to questions. Under moderate sedation a child keeps switching between consciousness and unconsciousness and can be woken up by touch or a single sound, and lastly, deep sedation where the child is rendered entirely unconsciously.

Sedation Medications

Our doctors use several methods to assist young children in enduring their procedures comfortably, including preparation, mild distraction, and using teaching techniques that are followed by sedative medications. The medication and level of sedation are chosen according to your child’s age, duration of a procedure, or intensity of the procedure.

The medications typically used for pediatric sedation include Midazolam. This helps lower anxiety levels and helps the child to relax. It can be given in combination with some other medications so the child sleeps peacefully through a mild or tough process. Midazolam is usually administered through the mouth, intravenously or intranasally.

Fentanyl is another pain medication that is used to work as a pain reliever. It is given to children to help them ease into sleep while they are sedated with Pentobarbital, and used according to the need of maintaining some form of comfort during the most painful procedures.

Ketamine is another medication used for sedating young individuals. It is either administered intravenously or intramuscularly.

During the Sedation

Your child may go into a deep sleep once he or she receives an oral medication, beginning the sedation process - less stimulation in the room results in need for less medication. While your child’s dental procedure is underway, you can choose to stay in our Sedation Unit or leave the area to use the restroom or visit the cafeteria.

Most procedures last 30 - 60 minutes. Our nurse will be able to provide the right time frame for you. They may ask you for your number in order to keep you updated with times as required.

What to Expect After Sedation

Once the processes are complete, your child will be allowed to leave, and our specialists will provide you with special instructions on how to care for your kid at home. Many children have side effects from the sedation medicine of up to one whole day after their procedure. They may be sleepy for hours on end, vomit, and have difficulty maintaining balance.

Some children may need to stay home from school the next day, so a plan should be in place just in case. Our experts also discourage public transport for your ride home as that may make the child vomit while requiring them to be mildly confined to maintain their safety.

At our clinic St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry, we provide outpatient and inpatient sedation for infants, children, and adolescents in the Pediatric Unit. In case you are looking for the most appropriate sedation plan for your family, call us on our number, (503) 396-4750, to book a quick consultation.
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Sedation for Kids - St. Helens | St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry
Sedation helps children remain in comfortable positions during difficult procedures. You can visit our office, St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry and get to know more about child comfort in the dental business.
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